Monday, September 19, 2011

Total Funds Raised as of today...

Our bookkeeper let me know that the funds raised total is updated:  as of today, we have raised a little over $971 for our causes, Episcopal Relief and Development and Concerns of Police Survivors.

Our original goal was $600.  So, yes, WOW, what an amazingly generous group of people do we know, in Eugene and across the planet.  WOW!

Anyone want to push us over $1000 for the heck of it?  I went 20.0 mph for all y'all!  How about... donate $29 and I'll run hills for you?  Better yet, donate $1000, I'll go swim two laps of Cottage Grove lake, and tell you how long it took and it'll be just like the cancelled swim leg!  Except that Cottage Grove is beautiful and clean, and the Potomac is really gross and silty at the best of times.  But otherwise, just like it!

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