Friday, September 2, 2011

Stocked Up

Okay, Race Fans.  The bike has been dropped off for boxing at Hutch's.  I'm busy second-guessing and self-doubting my decision to go with the bike box... I still hear and read accounts and research that a soft bike bag is the way to go, that  a specialty hard case is the way to go, that a clear plastic garbage bag is the way to go, that nothing at all is the way to go...

EDIT: I called JetBlue and they say it's a bike box, or the bike doesn't fly.  Phew.  That was so much easier than fretting for weeks on end, right?

The bike will get to Portland and it will get on a plane, somehow.  The end.

I also stopped by REI to pick up energy food.  I don't usually eat this stuff except during a race, and knowing that races are heavily branded, I can never be certain that they'll have what I like.  So I bring my own so I don't have to fight uber-athletes over the Clif Shot Bloks in margarita flavor.  There are people out there who are much tougher than me, but they would be astounded how scrappy I can be when desiring my Shot Bloks.

This is what I got.

My Clif Bar standards, and my new favorite: Honey Stinger waffles.  Oh, Honey Stinger, how badly do I want to eat a waffle right now to be sure you are just as tasty as you were last month when I first tried one...

Yes, it's a lot of food.  I stash some of it in my checked luggage and some in my carry on, so if one thing gets lost, I'll still have food on the course.

And yes, I'll have to check a bag this time.  I think there's no way the airport will let me carry on a spare tube, a multitool, and a few packets of Clif Shots.  I'm sure the priest thing is just a mild-mannered front and inside there is a ne'er-do-well aching to get out and enact airport shenanigans.  I could possibly use the Shots in nefarious ways.  I mean, I could give the mocha extra caffeine espresso wonderland one to a toddler and let him loose on a plane.

Airport Survival, Stressball Style

Clif Bars are great for airport survival.  I mean, how many times have you been dashing between terminals between one connection and another, and you need food since we can't carry on most food anymore?  I cannot pack and take an adorable little tiffin.  You thwart my cute lunch, TSA!  Never again will you confiscate my PB&J!  Your choices are typically the Chinese-Mexican Fusion Express, the Deep-Fried Lard-o-Rama, and the sit-down-yes-we're-a-microbrewery-in-an-airport-why-don't-you-believe-us place.

Sometimes, I look longingly across a crowded room at the sushi display placed alluringly right before the steam table that is keeping the heat on the Hot Fresh Pizza Made Fresh For You, and I wonder... is this the day I redeem airport sushi from the pits of airport cuisine?  Have I at last found the diamond-in-the-airport-rough?

It's never worked out between me and sushi in the airport, and that explains why I often end up wondering whether egg rolls and french fries might really be the next great fusion dish.

So it's probably a good thing I have some Clif Bars in my bag when I travel, isn't it?

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