Thursday, September 22, 2011

Plans for Friday and Saturday

Well, with total donations at over $1000, I think there is a swim in my future tomorrow, though I might also throw in a little light run if I"m feeling antsy.  It's my day off and given the choice between laundry and running away from housework...

What would you choose?  Yeah, that's right.  Bye bye, laundry.

On Saturday, M and I are going to go Cycle the Lakes.  We signed up for the century route.  Considering that I haven't been training for distance at all (but for speed and a fast 40K), I'm not sure about the endurance distance.  This wouldn't be my first century- just my first ROAD BIKE century.  And it'll be M's first century!  

I have just had no luck so far with centuries and my poor road bike- the first attempt landed me in the hospital in the Great Bike Crash of 2009.  The second attempt was two weeks before my first Olympic tri, and I bowed out at 85 miles with 15 miles of rolling hills left to go and a locked up rear derailleur that left me stuck in my highest gear.  (This episode was the deciding factor in the Great Bike Shop Break-up Of 2010.)

This year, I have my boys at Hutch's on my side, and I am madly in love with all of them and what they do for my bike.  I have to upload a picture- they did new bar tape and it's SO pretty!  Polka dots!  Red and white!  Shiny! Don't you love guys who understand their girls just want pretty shiny tough-girl bikes?  Plus they straightened my rear derailleur after the TSA was done with it, reset my handlebars, and trued my wheels.  It feels like riding through softened butter.

So the only thing between me and my first road bike century is going to be patience to gut it out and not get disheartened by all the pacelining bike clubs that will be going way faster than me and M.

In the meantime, I still reign as the toughest person in our house, since I rode my first few centuries on that hybrid, before I ever knew any better.  That bike probably tops 30 lbs, what with the suspension fork and seat.  I rode it all over Virginia before I ever really knew anything about bikes, with some of the most patient cop friends anyone could have.  It was the bike that started this whole love affair/obsession with the two-wheeled contraption.

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