Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On My Way...The Amazing TSA-wowing Running Toe Socks.

Well... after all the training, with far fewer times in water than I would have liked, a boatload more running than I ever thought humanly possible, and a bunch of great bike rides, I'm off.

The bike has its new tires (Continental 4000S) and the wheels DO feel lighter.  My brother-in-law mechanic is going to meet up with me to put it together on the DC end.

After all the worry, the give-the-bike-to-the-plane-people handoff went well.  It seems JetBlue has briefed all their people on the Nation's Tri, so it was completely worry free.  (Yay!)  They even weighed the box for chuckles and grins- 26.5 lb.  With the helmet and a bunch of padding in there.  I dragged it over to Oversize, and off it went.  See you on the other side, Bike!

As I went through Security, the portal beeped!  Yeah!  I was a lucky winner!

Oh, no, just for extra screening.  I wish my luck would work- just once- on the Powerball or something.  I'm the luckiest girl in the world *except* when it comes to the lottery.  And don't you think I'd be a terribly responsible lottery winner?  I'd be so very benevolent.

Anyway, my shoes got swiped with some special wand and a piece of cloth and then it was scanned for all manner of illegal substances.  The TSA guys got wowed by my running toe socks.  I guess these don't show up every day.  These being hardened TSA agents, it takes a lot to wow them.

Now I'm just waiting for my red-eye!

 The Amazing Running Toe Socks.  

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