Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Potomac Swim

It's official- Nation's has called the swim leg and made the race a duathlon.  While I'm disappointed to not do the race as a tri, I think they made the right call.  I spent about 5 minutes being sad, and then I started jazzing myself up for a PR in the bike and especially run.  I had given up on my sub-1 hour 10K this year, knowing I'd be tired after the swim and the bike.  Now, I'll have extra energy.

I'm chasing that 10K time.  10K... I am going to own you.

The river hasn't crested yet, and is expected to crest sometime tomorrow.

There's visible debris in the water... meaning there's even more invisible debris.

I don't know what the bacteria level is, but this is a city and there's a ton of run off.

Parts of 495 are flooded.

Yes, not swimming in the river is a disappointment.  However, they are bravely still doing the rest of the race and the finish line festival, and in a city like DC, that means they are adjusting their logistics on this weekend when dozens of events are happening everywhere.

(Attention DC people: take Metro.)

I am a little sad, but I support the race organizers' decision.  No race is worth risking lives for.

Good call, Nation's.

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