Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Above Ground Swim Leg

I arrived in Dulles on schedule, despite the best efforts of Boston.  JetBlue had those of us with Dulles connections get up and sprint off the plane ahead of everyone else. The flight was fine, I guess.  I left my eyemask in my overhead bin carryon, and then switched seats with these newly-weds who were not sitting next to each other so they could sit next to each other, so it was gone for the night.  Other than being woken up by the guy in back of me who decided that 1AM was a great time to re-apply his aftershave (seriously, you stinker?  Do I need to back there are devastate you now?  Blech!), it was a typical flight.  Long, dull, and boring.

Bike box action shot.  SCINTILLATING!  

I was thrilled that my bike arrived in its box.  After a teammate had a very stressful-with-a-happy-ending moment with his bike, I was plenty nervous.  But the TSA opened my box and obviously poked and prodded... badly.  I have some ground up padding, a naked quick release that poked a hole through the side, and a helmet that spent all its time on the bottom of the box (where the inspectors seem to have dropped it.  Yeah, I always stick my helmet on the bottom).  Thankfully, Hutch's padded my bike to within an inch of its life, so we'll see if there's any actual damage once we get it all out.

In the category of "Beetles are the best car ever",  I had reserved a full-size sedan, but it wouldn't fit my bike box!  (Beetle, 4-evuh.)  So they gave me a mini-van, which is just like a 40 foot yacht.

This is a good thing, as it started pouring rain like it only seems to rain on the East Coast, mid-hurricane.  So anyone with pairs of animals needing a rescue, text me.  I'm obviously driving the boat.

It fit the bike box, and had room for the luggage.  However, with the last row of seats folded down, it is just long enough to just fit a bike box.  Points for cuteness: Beetle.  Points for vehicle with lots of straps on the seat and a professional car rental person needed to fold down seats?  OK, mini van.

By the time I got to the Seminary, it was raining so hard, I think I swam the entire swim leg, above ground, fully dressed.  I would not have looked out of place in my wetsuit.

OK, I would have looked out of place in my wetsuit on campus.  But I would have been a lot warmer and my jeans wouldn't have gotten so wet!

Except that I found out that one of my professors from Seminary is also doing the race!  I'm so totally stalking her right now to see if she wants to hang out and talk about tris and stuff like that.   I'm a friend geek like that.


Tom Sramek, Jr. said...

Enjoy the Holy Hill, Betsi!

Micki said...

I believe VTS requires a capital "t" as in "The Seminary," yes?? Have a wonderful time!