Sunday, August 7, 2011

TV Really Does Rot Your Brain

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M and I did not have cable for our our entire marriage until we moved to Oregon.  When we began establishing our utilities, we discovered that it would actually be cheaper to get the basic  cable/internet deal than to have just rabbit ears alone and DSL like in our old place.  We really didn't want the cable, but we wanted to be cheap more.

For the record, I much prefer my rabbit ears.  Since getting cable, I have turned off the most amazing amount of c**p.  Did you know that people fight about unknown junk in other people's storage units?  And there are muscly men who do obstacle courses to be named the "greatest soldier", except that none of them are currently soldiers?  Ahem, I think the "greatest soldier" is the one wearing the uniform right now, actually putting him or herself in harm's way... and isn't on reality TV at all.  Thanks, y'all.  I do appreciate what you are able to do for us.

Besides, I had way more Oregon Public Television on my rabbit ears than I have ever found on cable.  Where is my Simply Ming, my BBQ-U, my Rick Steves, my Julia Child reruns?  You disappoint me, cable, greatly.  I will wear out my "TV off" button, soon.

Just don't get me started on Netflix streaming.  I would curse the day I discovered Lost except that I am hooked, hard.

Speaking of soldiers, I am a little nervous about this tri.  There's now about 100 First Responders signed up, and there's a huge number of military personnel who race as well.  I've read that the start is a time trial start, and I am a SUPER SLOW swimmer.  I am having immense trouble with my swim speed this year.  Slow... as... sludge.  And I'm a little worried that I'm about to get thrown in the water in the same wave as either the other First Responders and/or FR and Military Challenge people in my age group.

All of whom are way faster and tougher than me.  I will feel seriously demoralized when I get outpaced! I'd much prefer to do the water with my own regular amateur age groupers and get on the bike and go into my bike happy space.

This, in tri terms, is the training stage known as "What the Hockey Sticks Have I Gotten Myself Into??"

I am off to have some anxiety dreams now.  Ta-ta!

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