Sunday, August 21, 2011

Still Chasing my sub-1:00 10K

I went out yesterday with the goal of getting my 10K under 1:00.  I've been working hard- REALLY  HARD- all summer on my running.  My last run was 1:00:17, so I'm so close I can taste it!

I also need to get some training in the heat, because it's been so cool here in Oregon all summer.  We haven't broken 90 until this week (and I'm not sure we did really break it after all), and our humidity is low.  This makes for delightful human living with lots of enticement to go outside and play.  However, it does not make for good humidity training.

Back when I was doing support for the Police Unity Tour, one of the toughest teams to watch was Team Minnesota.  They had some incredible athletes and they trained so hard, you could tell.  And each year, a number of them just keeled over on the Virginia hills.  It wasn't their training, it was the humidity that did them in. They just weren't acclimated.

Needless to say, I'm a little scared of the humidity.  I've lived in DC.  I know what it can be like.  I hope I can acclimate in time!

I inadvertently discovered a great way to do acclimation training.  I have a bunch of tech clothes now- you know, lightweight high tech fabric designed to keep you breezy and cool.  Everyone says "don't wear cotton".  It traps heat and becomes like a shirt-shaped blanket of misery.  I was low on laundry and wore a cotton shirt on a ride last week.  Between the kite-like wind affect from the loose fitting shirt and the sheer hot factor, I had found my solution.

So I went out yesterday in a grey (Unity Tour!) shirt and went for my 10K.  I ran a bunch of stuff in 58:36, but I don't actually know if I did 10K, because my stupid iPhone GPS Nike app reset itself at 8K and I ran at  least 1.5 miles after that from the turnaround point.  This explains why a crazy sweaty person was running down the Amazon path in Eugene yesterday, shouting, "D@mn it, Robot Lance!  Not now!  NOT NOW!  NONO NO NOOOOO!!!!"

However, I did a few stupid things in the run.

I figured "I'll only be out for an hour!" and left my Gatorade in the car.  As I do have a waterbottle belt, this was just dumb.  You get a little cotton mouthed and dehydrated after an hour's hard run in hot sun.  Duh.  Knowing my body chemistry like I do, I know I'm a salt-losing sort of person.  I need my Gatorade or else I keel over in misery.  I paid for it in cramps later on.

I also grabbed cotton socks.  M is in the middle of folding laundry right now, a project which takes him days to do just right (but everything ends up beautifully matched and ironed.  When I fold laundry, it takes me 20 minutes, but your underwear will be tossed into your underwear cubby and not folded, and your socks may or may not be matched).  So all my tech socks were in the laundry, and only my cotton socks were available.

This was a bad, bad, bad, bad mistake.  Yes, wear cotton SHIRTS to acclimate, but cotton socks?  You are just asking for a boatload of pain and misery, and a pedicure of sorrow with a flipflop of regret.

Before I left for work this morning, I had to tape my toes so I could ride in, and then stand for four hours while I did services and walked around.  The total number of blisters is somewhere around 7, with a few additional hot spots.

The feet of pain (in some places, the moleskin is protecting two blisters at once.  I multitask).  Not only do I have blisters, but you also get to see my interestingly flipper like feet.  You'd think I'd swim super fast with these, don't you?  Yes, my heels really are that narrow and my toes that wide.  It makes for interesting shoe buying.  But WHY doesn't it make me a super fast swimmer?  Why, I ask you, WHY?)

Yeah, I dug the tech socks out today.  (Sparkle socks, if you must know.)


jana said...

I ran 12 miles yesterday, with cotton socks. I feel your pain. Sheer ignorance on part. Now I know better.

Tom Sramek, Jr. said...

You'll get more flipper-like (duck-like?) feet as you live in Oregon for a while. At least that's what I hear. I lived in Beaver Nation, so I think the only thing we get is either more furry or enlarged front teeth!