Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Road I.D., Finally Updated, and Vagabond Safety

Thanks to the gentle prodding and/or incessant nagging of various voices, including a parishioner who has the same color Road I.D. as I do, I finally updated my Road ID.

I think I've spoken of them before, but they are just a wonderful company with a great sense of humor.  I got mine last year after working several cases where people came into the Emergency Department at Hartford wearing Road IDs.  With one guy, the medics handed me the bracelet.  It's not necessarily the job of the medic to positively identify you... or even the doctor.  The task of WHO YOU ARE usually falls to the social worker, the chaplain, and/or the cop.  (Let's now chalk this one up to "in the category of why emergency chaplains are useful".  I make your life easier, and I'm charming to talk to.)  I logged on and printed out his name, picture, and a list of his medical conditions and allergies to hand to the doctors.  Can I even say how much this expedited treatment?  I called his wife (at one of the four numbers he had listed in his online profile).  He was tucked into the ICU when I met them at the elevator.

On the other hand, when I had my big bike crash the year before, I had just tucked my driver's license and other cards into my seat bag.  It was so wet that day that when I got to the hospital, my cards were illegible.  I was so hypothermic and in shock that I was just "Betsy" for over 30 minutes until I could figure out what my full name was and how to dial my phone.  Not to freak out my brother or anything, but by the time I called him, I'd already been getting warmed and treated for over half an hour.  (Ah heck.  He freaked out anyhow.  The Paramedic just hates it when his family gets hurt.)

So yeah, I'm a huge Road ID fan.

In my first year with it, it went through mud, snow, sun, and more open water in various conditions than I can remember.  I've also moved and packed boxes with it.  It is still as clear and clean as the day I bought it, with not a scratch to be seen.  This little bracelet is simple awesome.

Rest assured, I have now updated my tag (new tag on the way) and both of our online profiles.  And because I updated mine, here's a coupon for the first 20 of my friends and readers to use.

Coupon Number: ThanksElizabethAnne8724001

I'm a pretty safe biker over all.  I ALWAYS wear my helmet (I'm convinced it's why I did not suffer worse injuries in my crash).  I ALWAYS ride defensively.  Here in Eugene, at dusk, I always light up with flashing lights.  I even wear horrendous neon colors in wet weather so I can be as visible as a Christmas tree.

But I do want to say THANKS to those who prodded me to update my emergency info.  Even the safest of us can get complacent about updating things like this.  It was high time.

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Guitar Picker said...

Job well done! I'll be wearing mine proudly, and will start looking for yours!! :0)