Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rest Days

Here's the link to donate, and more information about our project!  I hope to have an update on non-online donations sometime this week.

One of the hardest parts of this whole training thing is the rest days.  I am lazy by nature, and you'd think I'd have no problem sitting at home eating the extra burrito and resting and watching TV all day.

That is shockingly hard.

I'd like to sit, but then my heart is clutched with fear:  what if I miss the chance to go faster because I didn't train every day I could have?  What if one more day in the water is what it would have taken to make me fast, at last?  Besides, my Beetle desperately needs a wash and wax. AND SHOULDN'T I BE DOING A DEEP VACUUM OR FOLDING SOME LAUNDRY??

Sitting around watching movies on TV sounds, by comparison, kinda boring. It's like being sick without the legitimate excuse of a fever.  How does one lie around without being sick?  (Even though, yes, I'm a priest, and yes, I did work both yesterday and today.  So it's not really "lying around", I guess...)

On the bright side, during Friday's swim, I discovered a few things.  A) the silicon ear plugs are a miracle and I will never again swim without ear plugs.  Totally eliminated the dizzy problem!  B) I seem to swim faster when I only use my legs for balance and not for kicking.  I might do that for the rest of this season.

This week, once my rest days are over, I'm looking forward to working out using the heart rate monitor I scored at the REI Scratch-and-Dent sale.  (Oh, we scored, big time.  I'll be telling that tale for a long time. In fact, my teammates and camping friends will probably want to practice their "let's change the subject right now" lines in case anyone ever gets me started.)    

The moon, full and shining strong on the lake.  Our tri team was all out of the water by this point, having a cookout and realizing we were all tired:  we'd forgotten things like buns and cookies and grill pans for the grills.  Whoops.

As for the rest...  I don't feel like I am being "good" with all this resting.  Part of me still wants to head out and run.  Part of me still whispers "Slacker!" in my head.  Part of me is a little horrified that I so rapidly identified Debbie Gibson's "Only In My Dreams" as the source song for the latest Old Navy commercial.  (I even know all the lyrics.  And I still think Debbie Gibson had a great voice.  Oh, I'm such a hopeless 80's geek.  I'll never be cool!)

But I"m also realize that I can't train for the race if I burn myself out to the point of misery and injury.  I hope with these two days of rest that this week of training can be that much stronger.

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