Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Nicest Bike Store In Eugene Tried To Kill Me

So, as things develop, and as I get more settled in Eugene, I am getting to know the local bike shops.  So far, I really like Paul's Bicycle Way of Life for my hybrid commuter.  The first mechanic I met was a woman, and the guys are awesome, and they have the best advice for commuters and how to keep your bike from getting stolen in Eugene.  They even referred me to a competitor when they didn't have a piece of gear I needed.  You gotta respect a shop that does that.  And so they will keep my business for my hybrid.

But I'm really in love with Hutch's for my racing bike.  They have the gear, they let you pet the fancy bikes, and next week they are having a demo of super fancy bikes.  And we can ride them if we ask nicely.

(Yes, please, may I please ride the fancy bike?)

Not to mention that the mechanics are nice, and also a mix of women and men.  Last year, I broke up with my bike shop in CT because the mechanics were all men who wanted to preach to me about my bike.  Getting to know people to want to teach me more about my bike and really get me on the best machine possible... awesome.

And the mechanics invited me on the weekly rides.

And today we went on the ride, M and me.  The idea was to do the 23 mile nice-and-easy ride.

Several people (including one of our first bike friends, The UberCyclist who is a professor and who attends my parish) said it was a totally atypical ride.

But the end result: we got misplaced and instead of going on the 23 mile ride with the nice-and-easy group, we instead went on the fast-and-furious 31+ mile death sprint of doom.

And did I mention we left our bags at church, so we had to go get them and ride home afterwards?

My legs are still burning.  I ate a ton of protein and a huge bowl of spinach for dinner.  I drank three glasses of water.  On the ride home, we took the bike path and rode through so many bugs, it was like a first course.  I picked a baby dragonfly out of my jersey and sneezed, swallowed, and blinked out several other varieties of bug.  Oh, riding at night.  It ees so special.


Dear Hutch's, I like you.  A lot.  And you are pretty awesome.  I think I'll come again next week because you are going to let me ride a fancy bike if I ask nicely, and that's like giving a girl flowers.  But please don't try to kill me next week.  Can we maybe try the buddy system, and you can give me a slow buddy?

Thanks much- The Vagabond.

I think I'll be sleeping hard tonight.


Ubercyclist said...

Ubercyclist loves you and will join you on a happy ride anytime you like!

Guitar Picker said...

So, here's your blog reminder. . .
www.roadid.com. It's time to upgrade to the $19.95 version. . .as it has reflectors, plus stores all your medical data on line. You can tag yours like I tagged mine, or use their suggestions. (I will make my arm and my bracelet available for inspection). I trust you are wearing a helmet and using lights. . .and moving over for pedestrians.