Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Run Time!

More donations!  Some of them are coming in by check, so I'll post updated totals as I get them. Wanna be our partner too?  Click here!  Thanks for everyone who supports us, including those supporting the trip (like the friends who offered us a place to stay and my bike mechanic brother in law)!

A long time ago, I declared triathlon insane.  I loved cycling, and I floated very well in water, but hated running with the sort of passion usually reserved for burned broccoli.  I had ridden a century, and some of those long rides had included people who did triathlons and wore heart rate monitors.  I made myself another sandwich and decided I would spend my life happy and comfortable on my bike. 

                Fast-forward several years.  As I turned 30, my husband gave me my first road bike, and I was at mile 50 of a century when I crashed, hard.  The next summer, I was still rehabbing all the injuries.  I turned to tri partly for the cross training, and because Team in Training supported lymphoma and leukemia research and I could do something good for my friend Ben who was fighting lymphoma.  (If you click on the label "Team In Training" below this post, you can read all about Ben.)

               The biking never bothered me a whit- my coach actually assigned me bike workouts as a reward for doing my running workouts.  As a priest, I just couldn’t bring myself to lie about whether I had completed my miles or not.  (Job hazard: ethical quandaries when one would rather be biking.)  When I started, I couldn’t run a mile without stopping.   I went to Nation’s with one goal: run the run without stopping. 

This summer, I've been busting my tuckus on the run, working hard to become more consistent.  Oh, and to change my gait from the Old Man Shuffle Towards Painful Death to something to something actually resembling a run.  You know, where you lift you feet and move forward. 

Yesterday, I had M drive me out to the end of the Fern Ridge Trail (across the street from the Green Hill Animal Shelter) and I ran home- while I hit some hills near the end, it's mostly flat, like DC will be. 

I finished 10K in 1:00:17.  I was aiming for under 1 hour, but I'll take this.  It's 6 minutes faster than DC last year, and I think I feel like I can work on consistently keeping my pace even a bit faster than I was yesterday.  Much of the time, I was pacing 5'30" per K comfortably, and I slowed down mostly because I got distracted. 

I saw buzzards, several herons of different colors, an old guy on the path ahead of me who I ran after and passed (last year, I used to chase 80 year olds to their trash cans), and butterflys and I wondered why I hadn't brought my camera to show you guys where I run...

Yeah, that's how I slow down to 6'46" per K.  I get distracted.  Running through marshland on a scenic bike path does that to you.  (Did I mention how scenic Oregon is, especially five minutes from our house? Love the Southwest hills!)

Then I went home and Chef M fed me marvelously.  He's really picked up the kitchen this summer and he is churning out healthy and TASTY dishes regularly, with much less time than when we first got married.  Yesterday, he had three dishes on the table in an hour.  (When we were first married, a similar dinner would have taken him about 3 hours plus every pot and pan we have.)  

Now if only my swimming self will see all the speediness in biking and running and stop fooling around and start moving in the water! 

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