Monday, August 29, 2011

National News!

What a surprise when I checked my email earlier today to discover that the Nation's Tri had posted a press release about some of the racers!

And yours truly was at the bottom of the list, included in the national press release.  Gulp!  They'd asked us all to provide a release, but I was expecting them to choose other people for the national releases!


This means that people who are technically strangers will be reading about what I do.  This is really, really cool, as well as abjectly terrifying. (No pressure.  No pressure.  No pressure.  Pardon me, is that a paper bag you have for me to hyperventilate into?)

I added an extra 2 miles onto tonight's "mellow" trail run to blow off some of the terror-induced energy.

Here's the press release.  I'm on the same page as Rob Jones, who is running on two prosthetic legs.  (So he has more artificial body parts than me.  Props to Rob, who is obviously made of stern stuff.  Heck yeah, I'll be looking for him on the course.)   Not to mention the other awesome-sounding athletes I'll be racing with.

Wow.  wow.  Just.  Wow, wow, wow.  What an incredible experience to even be in the same universe as some of the incredible athletes going to DC, let alone being listed in the same press release!

I might go to that brick workout tomorrow just for the moral support I'll need from my awesome teammates!  

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