Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hot Day. Miserable Run.

I guess it must happen at least once a summer.  Last summer, it was every day, but there was one day in particular that was just misery on two feet.

I'm talking about runs in humid, hot conditions.

We've been near and in the 90s the past few days.  My coworker duly warned me that there would be at least one week like this, and here we are.  It hasn't been horrible to the point that I've needed A/C, but we did break down and get a window fan so I could sleep at night.

And today I went for a run, and I chose to try for my sub 1:00 10K, on the bike path, because it's sunny and flat and I figured that would mimic the conditions of DC most closely.

That was 1:08:17 of abject misery, and at the end of it, I was probably borderline heat-exhausted.  I finished the 10K and called M for rescue.  One cool shower and a nap later, I'm feeling a little tight in the face, swollen in the fingers, blistered in the toes, and very hopeful that this will help me in case DC is humid.

And now I'm going to go get my double pointed needles and finish an apple cap, like I knit for the new babies in my life.  If you are a baby in CT, you probably are saying, "What?  Chick never made ME an apple cap!" and that is true, because I am the Worst Person in the World and was distracted with another project this summer.  But the cap is almost done and soon you too will be a baby with an apple to wear on your head.

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