Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fast Brick

Yesterday, I ran a fast brick!  A brick is a workout where you bike and run in quick succession, the idea being that you become accustomed to how wobbly your legs feel as you switch sports and you practice your transitions, and also that triathletes are junkies for suffering.

The latter is actually not true.  Really.   I'm in it for the carbs.

But it is true that on Tuesday, I ran the brick in 1:00:02, which is 1:50 faster than before.  Since it was a hot and humid day, I felt like I did very well in conditions that may well mirror those I'll face in DC.  I know how to fuel and I accept that I need tons of Gatorade to live.

The bike being racked.  I've changed my transition setup to hang the bike by the brakes.  Guess what?  It doesn't hurt your bike after all!  And you are faster!  Amazing, right?  

The Geek Breakdown:  1:00:02 had me pacing at 17.8 on the bike according to my computer, and according to our Leader's timing, pacing at 9:30 min miles and faster.  Last year in DC, I was running 10:40 miles.  I've worked over a minute off my mile time.  This may bode well.  My goal is to beat 3:22. Ideally, I'm hoping for a 3:15.  Is it slow?  Yes, but for a girl who couldn't run a mile a year ago and who was still rehabbing off a major bike crash, I think this is pretty decent.

But you know the coolest thing?  My team at Multisport Advantage is just great people.  They stand at the finish line and cheer everyone in.  They say "Good job!" as they pass each other on the run loops.  Mrs. Fearless Leader gives everyone cheers as they come in for transitions.  And even as I passed one guy on the bike loop, he gave a thumbs-up.  (Oh, yes, he also came back a few minutes later and passed me in return.)

When we are all working so hard towards our various goals, it's just really cool to be working with people who give out such great moral support.  I think I've improved so much both because so many of my teammates are so amazingly good, and also because they are just really truly nice people.

Thanks, teammates!  I wouldn't have been running these miles this much faster if it wasn't for your pushing AND for your friendship!

PS- yes, no workout today.  After my Stupid Cats successfully woke up me up at 3:30 AM by over-cuddling (really cats, it was humid, and no, I do not need your catnip mouse in my hand.  Remember the real dead mouse incident**?  Didn't that teach you anything?) I couldn't sleep because I was so hungry.  At one point, M (who was also awake) remarked on the volume of my tummy rumbling.  Awkward.   Sometimes the planned workout doesn't happen, so I'm planning a strong trail run for tomorrow.  

**The real dead mouse incident: feel free to write me for the full story.  Or request I tell it in the comments.  It involves, as you might imagine, a dead mouse and an enthusiastic cat named Snowbeast.

This is Snowbeast.

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