Sunday, July 3, 2011

Working on the Run

Well, I have been training HARD this week.  Hard enough that I decided to take most of yesterday and all of today as a rest day.  The donation stuff is almost ready to go live!  

I've had a number of friends doing other physical stuff all over the country, from the Warrior Dash in CT to a whole bunch of running to the Tour De DioMil.  What I really love is that all these folks (who are sweet, awesome, and cool) were people who are NOT natural born athletes.  They give me so much hope that there's still hope for me!

How hard have I been training?  Well, on Tuesday at Crossfit, the Workout of the Day was to run 400 meters, then do 60 squats, and then run 400 meters, and do 40 pushups, and run, then 20 pull ups, and run, and then 10 handstand pushups, or something very much like that.

My coach modified it so I would do 800 meter runs, and 2/3 of the other stuff.  On one hand, it's awesome because the squats make your legs feel *exactly* like they do when you get off on the bike.

On the other hand, when you go out to join your tri club that evening, you are already tired and they smile and look happy and tell you you are about to run 2 miles.  Then bike 10.  Then run 1 more.  And you must reach deep down in the dregs of your existence to pull out the happy power.

I managed to hang with one of the guys for the first mile but couldn't keep up the pace after that.  So I was on my own for the bike.

Then came the run.  Where I missed the cone signaling the 1 mile turn around and so I kept running and running and running and finally the club leader ran after me as I slowed down and down in agony, and told me I'd missed the cone a while back.  So I actually ran 3/4 in each direction, or 1.5 miles.  Which means that I WON THE LONG RUN!

I also won the long swim at Nation's last year, by virtue of getting lost and tacking a couple hundred extra meters onto my swim.  I really need to stop doing stuff like this.

All told, on Tuesday I turned in a total of 7 miles over the course of the day.  And I ran a little brick on Monday, and ran hills on Wednesday which was exquisite misery in a pudding dish of sad, and finally on Friday biked 24ish miles with friends.  (Bikes are simply happy workout candy.  AWESOME!) Then about 12 or so to the Saturday Market... Which was demoralizing as I huffed and puffed all the way while M sallied forth looking incredibly strong.

It turned out he'd loaded my bag with all the heavy stuff, AND the bike locks.  Plus I was riding my hybrid, which is a TANK!  So he had a road bike, some kale, and a pint of strawberries.  I had a hybrid bike, collards, honey, strawberries, carrots, basil, bike locks, and a side of "wow-ouch".

So... I actually put in some serious mileage this week.  Dude, I should really log this, shouldn't I?

In other news, M and I decided to get in on the fun here in Eugene, so we signed up for the Butte to Butte.  It's a 10K that starts with a first mile that is essentially vertical.  Apparently, you get to the top and cry.  And then you run a little and they give you doughnuts somewhere.  I signed up mostly for the Tshirt and the promise of doughnuts.  People from Crossfit, my tri club, AND my church are all going to be running, so I hope to have some friends in the crowd.

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