Friday, July 29, 2011

Oregon: Great Scenery

Well, not a lot of time today, as I spent my day off reorganizing the study so M could have a desk of his own.  (I keep trying to convince him to let me get rid of the old teacher desk so I can bring the futon up here and buy a real couch again for downstairs.  Now that he has a desk surface of his very own thanks to my organizing genius, where do you think he is?  Yes... on the futon. That saga continues.)

Meanwhile, we are very busy being outside in the gorgeous lovely amazing Oregon outdoors.  NO, WAIT, I take that back.  Some of you don't live in Oregon.  Officially, I need to let you know that here in Oregon, it rains ALL THE TIME.  Really.  It's grey and blah, 24/7.  It is never breezy and cool in the morning, or delightfully airy at night, or warm with low humidity during the day, and we never, never have amazing breath-taking sunsets, stunning mountain views less than 5 minutes from our house, or gorgeous amazing blue skies.  That must be some other state, because here in Oregon, it's Always Rainy.  

We are leaving in about 20 minutes to drive to the lake to go swimming in the clear, cold Oregon waters.
Bike, racked with cool bag ready for transition.  My latest bike to run was :29!  That, my dears, is blazing.  

In the meantime, here's a little tidbit from earlier this week when we went out for a brick.  (I beat him... barely... in the first run, but then he made a rather heroic pull and beat me off the bike and in the second run.  He's going to be a force to reckon with one day.)

Actually, this IS about 15 minutes from my house, near the turnaround point of a regular ride.  You can't see Sisters in the photo, but you can see them in real live.  Mountains, everywhere!

By the way, I DID get cleats today- the guy at Hutches laughed hysterically at my old cleats and told me he'd never seen a pair as badly worn as mine.  I literally snapped the front off my right cleat and the left one was just nubs.  That's me.  All extremes, all the time.  

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