Monday, June 13, 2011

Tri Club, Tri Training, Coaches

So, last year with Team in Training, I had coaching included.  Sure, I paid for my gym membership (and have since Seminary- since I'm cheap, I find I am most responsible when I'm paying for something), and used the pool for swimming and went to yoga.  By the way, even gym pools get gross when there are little kids in them.  Blllllech.

At any rate, I now have motivation to find a pool quickly for swim workouts, and to get cracking on some real tri training.

Enter dilemma.

We joined Crossfit when we arrived, and the guys are really nice, and they push me hard.  They push me way harder than I would push myself.  I've definitely gained some fitness.  I haven't lost weight, which is annoying, because I feel like I've put ON some muscle.  This is really frustrated, since I'm hardly a small girl.  But the price is right, and the same all year round.  And they are great to work out with, as a woman- I like it when someone pushes me without treating me "like a girl".

Then I found a tri-specific gym here, with a focus on endurance and body-weight training, so you get a strong core, but a leaner body and tons and tons of tri-specific workouts.  But they do charge extra for things like a nutrition consult, and their price goes up in the winter.  You do get to workout with the club.

I could also join just the club and try to do my own training, or to see if the Crossfit guys want to hold me accountable or to work with me on a tri training plan, or give up Crossfit in favor of tri-specific training, or put Crossfit on hold until winter?

I dunno.  I will be talking to the Crossfit coach on Friday and in the meantime... what would YOU do?

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