Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tri Club and Oregon Open Water

So, since one thing I haven't done a lot of here is swim (well, haven't swum at all in months.  Uht oh!) and I am slow as mud in the water, I need to work on my swimming.  And the most important part is to swim in open water since that's what we'll be doing in the actual race, or at least, in the races I've raced so far.

Yesterday, I joined with my new club teammates for the first open water swim in Oregon.  We swam at Richardson Lake.  Some people swam 2 miles.  I swam 1/2 mile.  I am still slow as dirt.  But it was really delightful to get out in the water.  It was about 65 degrees, and the cleanest, coolest water I've ever been in.  I felt I could drink it, practically!  (But I didn't.)  When I swam the Potomac, I was sneezing brown all the rest of the day, and I washed brown silt off everything when I got back to the hotel.  Here, the water was sparkling.

Richardson Lake and it's sparkly clean waters!

And on the way home, there were rainbows!

And in open water, we need a wetsuit.  I am no fan of cold water.  In fact, I typically shriek like a little girl as I enter all water temperatures.  This year, I'm thinking of getting a sleeveless one for those times when I don't need to be AS warm.  Besides, my new teammates in sleeveless look totally badass.

It's all about appearances.  I would like to be a badass too, thank you kindly.

I joined a tri club here- The Multisport Advantage club.  They meet for group workouts several evenings a week.  I considered their training program, as well, but the 6AM start time ALL WEEK LONG felt a little daunting.

I'm not a morning person.  Bad, bad, bad.  So I talked to my Crossfit coach and we're going to try Crossfit Endurance with me for a bit.  It means he still gets to wreck me a little, but will focus more on bodyweight and gymnastic movements instead of heavy, heavy weights, and he'll make me do a lot more running.

They still have these crazy ideas like women having actual upper body strength, and they have me lifting actual heavy weight, and getting stronger.  I think they think that I'll be doing pushups someday.

Seriously, Crossfit has been great because I'm actually starting to look forward to the runs.  It's how we know the workout is really hard, when I say, "OH, a 400 METER SPRINT!  WHAT A NICE BREAK!"

Well, it's Saturday in Eugene, and that means one thing:  meeting friends at Saturday Market. 

As far the Nation's Tri, I have my organizations on board, and hope to announce a donations link soon!

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