Monday, June 20, 2011

Running Around in Circles

This year, since I am not doing the tri with Team in Training, I am working on my own for training.

About 10 minutes from my house on a bike: this is a bike path with the most incredible view.  Workout candy!  It doesn't show in these pictures, but you can see Three Sisters from here.  Big mountain!

I'm trying to draw up a week-by-week plan, yes.  But more importantly, I'm trying to balance Crossfit with training.  As in, one day Crossfit, one day tri training.  (Tomorrow will be a tri day.)

Today was a Crossfit day.  The coaches have agreed to work me on lighter weights so I don't bulk up or get too muscley while I work to get leaner so I can be faster.

I guess I am building up speed since I consistently beat M on the run part today.  Yeah, I said it.  Once, he was quite a bit in front of me and I ran after him and caught him and beat him in.  And on the last lap, he was checking out the rear view all the way, because he never caught me at all.

I am Betsy the Rabbit.

Of course, M then went into the gym, picked up the weights, and proceeded to crush me by lifting bigger weights faster, and jumping on a higher box.  I had to go to a shorter box after I couldn't jump high enough and clunked my foot on the side and knocked myself over.  So he's way stronger.

He is M the Mighty Man.

I'm hoping these short explosive workouts balance the long distance building stuff to help me build speed, and also to burn off some fat.  I'm feeling a serious need to whittle off some of this CT Pudge so I can look that much more badass in an all spandex suit.

To help out with that, I'm eating a lot more veggies, cutting out most carbs, grains, and dairy, and adding a ton of protein.  There's actually something special going on, but I'll save that for a month or so before I know if it's actually working.  Cutting carbs has helped my energy even out a great deal, I've noticed, so I'm not getting the energy spikes and drops.  (It also makes those church dinners totally guilt free.  Tres Leches cake?  Don't mind if I do have a tiny piece since I haven't had any bad carbs for a week!)

The Schnoz.  Classic.  Roman.  Sculpt this, Michelangelo. 

The dairy free thing also seems to help on a problem that has plagued me for years on my bikes and now on my runs:  the nose.  You see, being of Mediterranean descent, I come equipped not with a nose, but with a schnoz.  They make statues in museums to celebrate this nose.  It is a "classic Roman nose".  In grade school, other kids used to draw me as a witch with a wart due to the large prominent facial feature that took me well into my late teens to grow into.  Adrian Brody would be my nose buddy.  If I ever met him, he'd look up at me as I walked by, and smile knowingly with a small nod, gently tapping his own schnoz with deep understanding.

Apparently, many endurance athletes suffer from a problem known as snot nose. They make gloves with extra big "snot rag" areas.  Some of us have actually been known to carry "bandanas" or "hankies" tucked into our jersey pockets.  (Now you know why all my jerseys go straight into the wash after a ride!  Yes, they do.)  A few people think they are really talented because they can do a "farmer's hankie", and to that I say, "EWWWW!! Take the 30 seconds and go to the woods and get a tree leaf or something!  You are GROSS! EWW EWW EWW EWW!"

I have discovered that eliminating dairy has helped to almost totally eliminate that problem.

Shocking, amazing, and very, very handy.  Sad that I may never again drink chocolate milk which I love with deep love, but great for the Campaign Against Unnecessary Grossness.

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Miss Jenny said...

LOL! I love your commentary on the "schnoz."