Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are we settled yet?

Oregon has tons of rainbows.  Usually, it's good for at least three a week.
Once, I saw six in one day, including one triple rainbow.  
Whoa.  Yes, it has been a long time.  And I have gotten a number of questions of whether I would ever blog again.  I suppose blogging was my voice in a time when I had few people to talk to.  When I was a staff chaplain, most of my working hours were between 4 PM and 830AM... I was the only one in my department.  I had a solo on-call room.  I worked alone, and went home to a house that was usually empty as M had often left for work or to study.  I made solo lunches and went on solitary bike rides and went back to work by myself.

Some of you CT Yankees might remember some of my constant invites for lunch, coffee, puppy walking.  At least one of you probably remembers me running after you on an early morning dog walk, me jumping off my bike and running after you, clopping away in my road shoes, waving like a mad man.  Yes, I really was that desperate for human interaction.  I was feeling rather troll-like.  

Now, being in a busy parish, it's full of people who talk.  It's one of the coolest things of my new position- there's people everywhere!  I go out to get a cup of coffee from the free-flowing bottomless pot-o-blessing aka the coffee that flows like living water, and the office assistants talk to me.  I head back to my office and I have my boss on one side and my colleague on the other, and several more colleagues downstairs, and sometimes everyone can just talk to each other all day.  (Though it does crack me up when one of them uses the phone to call me from the next office.  Hey, guys, sitting will kill us.)  Sometimes, I have meetings all day long and talk to people.  I can go to the coffee shop and make small talk with the baristas who recognize me.  I come home and I see more of M than I have in years and I talk to him, too.  Even at Crossfit, the coaches talk to me!  And then they try to kill me with pushups.

It's really kind of fun, after the last years when I spent so. Much. Time. completely alone.  

I haven't known for a long, long time what it was like for this extrovert to have enough of people and to want to be alone for a bit.  Don't get me wrong- I love, love, love talking to people.  I think my favorite weekday might be Thursday knitting group.  They talk AND drink tea!  Yet sometimes, quiet and alone feels okay.  Today, I actually went for a run to get some alone time.

It's interesting, really.

So if I don't need a blog anymore to say the things I used to not be able to say, what WILL I do with it?  I'm thinking I did a lot of talking about triathlons last summer... maybe it's time for the biking priest to chronicle more tris and bike rides.  Because this year, I am determined to lose my CT pudge and get fit and trim... and maybe even fast.  Most Sunday events are out for me, but I have PRs now, and they exist to be broken.

Game on.

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