Sunday, February 27, 2011

Now the Green Blade Riseth...

This is a big old swatch of bright, green grass.  In fact, it is grass in Eugene OR.  It is the way the grass looked in late January.  We'd flown out of CT barely missing a giant snow storm.  In fact, we'd land in a storm as well, coming off the red-eye.  But while we were there in Eugene, this is what we saw.

It does a soul good to see green, especially this winter when we are so white-weary of the frozen water droplets.

Sometimes people ask me if I'm nervous about moving to Eugene.  Well, naturally, YES, of course!  It's very far away from the East Coast.  It is not my beloved Virginia.  They will give me lots of tofu, but it's absolutely going to be an adjustment to living in the new land of the West Coast.

What is keeping me calm is remembering that this is not just a job- this is a call.  I had myself some serious conversations with the Great Above during this entire process.  And my new gig held the most intense, unique interviews ever.  It was very bald and open and revealing- I don't think I've ever revealed so much about myself in a weekend, ever.  But I met so many people who all joined together to help make the decision- and that's what is keeping me calm and centered.

This is not just my decision.  It's a mutual decision of a community in prayer.  Whew.  That really does relieve a lot of pressure.  Really, it does.

We can't exactly even explain in English WHY we know we were called out to Eugene.  We just know that we HAVE been called out, and that for some inexplicable reason, we both feel a sense of certainty and peace.  It's beyond logic, but we know this is right.

How about some more Eugene pictures?
These are flowers.  They were blooming in January.  People go for walks together in January, outside.  In fact, I ever heard that people ask other people to meet them somewhere for a chat and to hang out, and instead of going for coffee, they go for a walk.  People walk up and down the Buttes (pronounced BEAUTs.  Really!) and hang out.  It'll be a nice change from the eating-centered hanging out I've done all this time in Connecticut.  

Our current opinion of Eugene!
The mittens are from a store called Down to Earth, of all this green, sustainable living stuff.  Compost bins, table wear, pots, pans, nut milk bags, garden items... way too exciting!  Eugene even has a store that sells natural latex beds (it's the non-hot alternative to memory foam.  M is agitating for a memory foam bed!)  

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Holly said...

Betsy - My husband, Norton, and I moved to Eugene from NH over 20 years ago. All you say is true. I was so excited my first spring here which starts in late Jan, early Feb, with a procession of flowers blooming. I still get somewhat excited. Also, people are friendlier. Welcome and enjoy. Holly Cabell