Monday, February 21, 2011

Moving is FUN!

So, news is out that we are moving to the West Coast.  I'm so excited.  They give you tofu right in the restaurants.  The trees have lichen on them, so even the leaf-less trees have a faint green.  We'll be about an hour from the coast.  I think it'll be fun to live in-between the coast and the mountains.  I'm told people ski on the mountains.  I've actually NEVER skiied in my entire life.  So these hot-shot kids in Eugene will have a lot to teach me.  I bet Eugene is teeming with skiing whiz-people.

Anyway, the packing is going OK.  So far, I have accidentally smashed only my favorite beehive shaped cookie jar.  I have repacked several boxes BETTER and LABELED them.  Ahem, my beloved M.  Packed.  With paper, and padding, and labels.  This is important with packing, as you found out this summer.  But you make me amazing fried eggs, so you are off the hook.  Except that our bread machine died, so I can no longer have toast with my eggs.  The death of Bread Machine is truly tragic!

For fun, I'm getting moving QUOTES, to give my new employers, so they may pay the movers for moving me to a new house/condo/apartment/townhouse.  We haven't yet found a place to live.  My plan is to get to Eugene and then house hunt furiously.  It'll be fun and adventurous.  Don'tcha think?  Anyone live in Eugene?  Wanna come house-hunting in a few weeks?

One company has already sold my name to other small moving companies, so I'm getting random calls from places like New Jersey.  This will probably continue until I change my phone number.  But really, alleged moving companies, if you don't leave me a message, do you really think I'm going to answer the phone when it says BLOCKED?    And if you won't do an in-person estimate, I am not going to let you move my stuff.

In other news, I had a lot of non-moving related fun yesterday.  I visited my friends at St. Mark's Storrs, which is one of my favorite Episcopal Churches in CT.  They are just wonderful folks.  St. Mary's Eugene people will soon see the coolest Advent/Christmas/Lent thing EVER.  I'm not kidding.  You guys will flip.  

I also did an indoor triathlon yesterday afternoon.  I'm still waiting for results to be posted.  Clearly, Star Hill Sports has just done their first tri, because results weren't available instantly.  Don't they realize that many triathletes are junkies for numbers?  Don't look now, because I did this one without having swum for a month or run since the first snow.  I've only been cycling inside on a trainer while watching cheesy sci-fi.  But I might have posted a person best in the run.  I don't know yet, but I'll share if I do!  It WAS a nice tri, though.  Star Hill really does have great space for indoor tris, and should really, really consider doing a series during the winter.  Which is actually when the magazines tell me I should be doing "active rest" and mountain biking (check), eating real food (check), and doing engaging winter sports like snow shoeing (uncheck.  No one will lend me their snow shoes!)

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