Saturday, February 12, 2011

MICROSTORM! And shout out.

In the category of super-creepy things in Connecticut... I was watching the sun set from my 10 floor place, and freezing my duff off.  That might be due to M's bad habit of opening the windows because he is "hot" and it's "stuffy".  (We don't even use the heat in here, but the man has a body temperature that should be studied as a model for a portable fusion device.  He's hot, in so many ways.)  I was wearing a sweater, a shawl, socks, AND Uggs and still shivering. 

Suddenly, I heard a rushing wind sound, and even as the west is still pink and lovely with a few lazy clouds in the light blue sky, these black snowflakes started barreling down.  At first I yelled, "OHMIGOD, IT'S HAILING!"  M insists it's snowflakes but they look black because they are totally backlit.  There are black rolling clouds visible to the North.  So it's some sort of freaky microstorm. 

This weather is creepy.  Cold, and creepy.  Any day now, I am expecting the elevators to start pouring blood and to have someone chop down my door yelling "Heeeere's JOHNNY!"  And I've never even SEEN the Shining- only the Shinning!  (Thank you, Simpsons and the Treehouse of Horror.  Without you, I'd never know the plots of horror movies.) 

Meanwhile, in the GOOD NEWS front, I did have an excellent day of errand running.  Among other things, I got a much-needed gig bag at a fabulous price from Lasalle Music in West Hartford, on the corner of Lasalle Rd and Farmington Ave.  It was more than $50 cheaper than comparable bags I'd been looking at, and it was long past due that I bought a bag for my electric piano (88 weighted keys, and only a few basic piano and harpsichord sounds.  Serious piano stuff and no fluff.  If you really wanted to know.).  Previously, I've been asked to bring it for retreats and small events, but it was a tough thing because I had no bag, so I would wrap it in blankets and towels.  This will make that SO much easier, so now you may ask me any time (well, if you know me and we live in the same state and stuff) to bring my piano to events. 

Meanwhile, it's still sunset and orange and pink and blue and there's STILL CREEPY BLACK CLOUDS AND SPOOKY SNOW, accompanied by a few flocks of starlings and crows, circling our buildings and crying out in scary bird voices.  I may never leave my apartment again.  Seriously.  They write thrillers about stuff like this. 

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Sandra said... picture of the piano...and no link to you playing??? Inquiring minds...