Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bike commuting and cities

There's actually a parking lot beyond that pile of snow.  Really. Sandra C, your church is fun!
So, it's a dark, cold, cold winter with snow piled up more than 12 feet in places and there's no way I can possibly get a bike outside in these conditions. 

Of course, I'm riding my trainer indoors and obsessing over bike commuting.  Aren't you?  On the bright side, thanks to netflix and a newly repaired hand that can handle long stretches on the bike, I have discovered the fun of watching TV while I ride.  Please don't judge me when I share that my favorite current shows to catch up on include Macguyver and Stargate.  My deep love for Richard Dean Anderson is rivaled only by Patty and Selma... barely.  Next, I think I might take up the A-Team.  And Fringe.  Suggest other shows for me, too!  I will get LOTS of pedal time in. 

I'm also wondering about bike commuting... when I am in heaven, I will bike commute to work every fine day. 
All ready to get racked for a tri! (Yes, I need a better seat bag).  With road pedals.  This is not my commuter.

Years ago, in DC, I first rode and commuted in toe straps.  Then as I started riding distance with the cops who were training for Unity Tour, I traded up to clipless.  I've ridden two clipless systems (recessed hybrids, and full road pedals) exclusively now for the last 6 years.  But now I wonder if in a city environment, it might not be better to go back to toe straps.  It's not as efficient as real clips, but it does help you get your foot out of a pedal quickly.  I've had a few falls when I couldn't unclip fast enough, and it's embarassing.  Nothing like The Crash, but the sort of thing where other cyclists first act concerned and then totally rag you for your clumsiness.  They ask you about your ability to walk and talk at the same time.  And you spend the rest of the riding with a bruised ego saying, "No way.  I've been riding clipless for years.  I'm power girl.  POWER GIRL!" 

So, if you commute, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  What do you do for pedals? 


Sandra said...

Yes, my church is fun!

Have you poked your head in my office to check out my bike? It is still snowed in there.

The Vagabond Priest said...

No, I haven't!! I try to respect your office as your space and set up mostly in the sacristy. So now I guess I have license to snoop!