Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Wears Me Down

What lousy weather we've had coming in.  It's been a winter of dark dreary days.  I'm getting tired- really tired- of all the snow.  We have a new Director starting tomorrow, which will be a huge relief for our department.  There's been a lot of stepping up for the last six months, but we are all ready for normalcy again! 

And meanwhile, it's been a long dark winter.  Our cats are shedding everywhere, my engagement ring lost a ruby, and we had five flat tires on my Beetle in one week!  I'm sick of the darkness and the snow.

I am dying to get outside, but the riding is obviously not possible at the moment.  Too much ice and snow, and the weather is way too cold for my gear- my "cold" gear only works for me to about 45 degrees.  I'd need a full facemask and actual tights to survive in this subzero stuff.  I want desperately to be outside, but I just don't have the gear!

And the air is so dry- outside, it's dry and crisp, so that when you breathe, the insides of your nose freeze a little.  Some people find that refreshing.  Some people also like to bungee jump.  I try not to judge.  The worst is going inside, though. The inside air is so dry I get bloody noses.  I overshare for you. 

I secretly wonder if the bloody noses make one more susceptible to colds.  I have to say, it's been a good year- I've not gotten deadly sick this year yet- I'm getting slammed with a cold right now, but so far, everything else has been a mild cold.  (I just had a ton of sick time to use up last year, so I checked out for every sniffle just to use my time.)  Today, though, I left work because dripping noses don't go over too well at the ICU.  It took more than 12 hours of med loading  before the magical clearing happened.  I wish I could say what cured the common cold, except that it was a mix of drugs, more drugs, veggie soup, tea with ginger, and Airborne.  So a cocktail sludge of essentially every medicinal, homeopathic, and folk remedy out there.  I stand by my ginger tea (grate raw fresh ginger into tea), but I'm sure the Alka Selzter doesn't hurt. 

I hope to rejoin humans tomorrow, just in time to hopefully not scare my boss with my huge, pink, triangle-shaped nose.  (That's right, when I get sick and my nose swells, my already Roman profile swells to picture-book proportions.  If I ever get drawn for a picture book, I'll be Princess Rhinosia, the Prominent.) 

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