Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whither the Vagabond?

We've been moving.  Our old apartment complex changed owners, and the new owners don't seem as dedicated to maintenance of older buildings.  The buildings had always had a few quirks, but we faced a few recent problems.  Like mice.  And sewage coming up through the bathtub.

Four or five months of scrubbing sewage out of my bathtub so I could use it in the morning was way too much.  When the rent increased, and the manager refused to offer any sort of compromise, we decided to move.  We netted an awesome place in a highrise, with TWO bathrooms (ooooo, what an upgrade!) and a gym on site.  Just one problem...

We decided to move without movers.

Never, never again.  We both look like we have been cage-fighting.

After all this is over, I plan to take my bike to a new bike shop and get myself a nice fitting.  The Gearhead (my brother-in-law, who is a pretty neat person and a bike mechanic for fun and profit) is having fits that my stem may be too short.  So it's time for a third opinion.  But in the meantime... I am looking forward to spending three or four days at home, organizing a new house, taking long showers in the sewage-free tub, locking myself into the bathroom where no boys or kitties can walk in on me, and basking in the 10th floor breeze.

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