Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Three Weekends of Fun

Has posting seemed a little sparse?  Well, we *are* in taper right now, meaning we aren't supposed to do big workouts.  I'm freaking out a little.  I'm actually freaking out a lot.  Despite my coach's and teammates reassurance that I'm ready, I feel totally un-ready.

I feel puny.

I feel squashy.

I feel like anti-triathlete.

This past weekend, however, included some of the most awesome camping I've gotten to do.  I've been backpacking in some gorgeous locations, and I've returned to some favorite car camping campgrounds a few times, and I've gone beach-cabin-dwelling with both family and friends, and I think that every once in a while everyone needs the Perfect Vacation:

No cell signal.  No email.  Forgot our books.  (Also forgot my knitting).  No bikes.  Nothing to do but play games like dominoes and Flat Busted and cards, hang out with friends, and relax.  I wish I could have camped a few extra days.

Best part: (other than seeing my best friends)- we called the Park Service on a really obnoxious RV that had set up a TV outdoors with a satellite.  Fine if that's your thing, but my problem was their really loud, obnoxious generator.  The campground had generator quiet hours, and this thing had been rip roaring far past quiet hours.

E picks up her phone and reports them.  Five minutes later, the park police show up and the generator was off.

They knew it was us, though.  We were sitting around, each with a beer bottle, knitting and playing games.  Next thing we know, WE had the Park Police at OUR site, making sure we were all legal.  (It was a wet campground.)

Oh, the passive aggression.  I love humanity.

OK- one more day of work tomorrow, and then it's tri time.  I'm starting to pack my transition bag.

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