Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How did you set up your Transition, O Master Triathlete?

Well, O Loyal Reader... since you asked-

While I like the suggestion of standing stock still and crying "Oh, my God, Oh, my God", instead, I huddled on the bus for a while, and then decided to pull up my big-girl wetsuit and saunter outside.

Thankfully, the worst of the rain had passed, and the sky was starting to lighten.

I had two towels: the first was a gaudy, purple-and-white beach towel which I chose for the garish colors.  I figured it'd be easy to spot in a HUGE, crowded transition area.  I lay this down, and arranged my gear for the bike on the top left half, and my gear for the run on the top right half.

A TNT friend suggested we bring several plastic garbage bags: this suggestion saved me, this day.  I had draped my bike with the plastic the night before, so my bike was mostly dry.  I decided to sacrifice my handlebars to the rain and keep my seat and seatbag dry with a gallon size freezer bag, and I draped my towel and gear with the plastic garbage bag.

When I got back from the swim, the rain was over, and I pulled the garbage bag off to have a perfectly dry transition area.

This means I started the ride with dry socks and shoes.

However, because it was soaking, my socks quickly became soaked.  And when I changed to the run, I was feeling hyper, and I did not change into my dry socks.  Even though I had a dry towel.  So I ran with dry running shoes and soaking wet socks.

When I took my shoes off later, I had blisters between several toes, and two huge blisters forming underneath my big toes, right near the foot.  The between-toe blisters had already popped and run raw.

This is why it was good that I had spare, plain water in a jug to wash my feet.  I washed and dried them before putting on the socks, and this STILL happened.  Can you imagine what would have happened if I'd just stuck them in shoes, straight out of the Potomac?


Aren't you glad you asked?  Oh, wait, is that too much oversharing?  Dang, my bike-crazy brother-in-law never has this much trouble with the oversharing.  But he did laugh at my toe socks, which I was wearing out to dinner, because it was easier than individually bandaging every toe.

Toe socks might be the most awesome invention ever.  I might go buy 6 more pairs and wear them every day of the week.  Even if people laugh at me.

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audrey said...

so... wet feet... are a bad idea. We know that. So the trick is to s-l-o-w us down in the frenzy of the transition and do the right thing... even if it means stomping on our adrenaline and sacrificing a few seconds. OR... just going along with the idea that blisters are a by-product of a wet race well run. Other than the pain, so what? You will heal and in the meantime, you have an excuse to wear funny colorful socks. They can be a talking point.
In my world of TMI, I have suffered a bruised toenail ( big toe, left foot) from yesterday's long run. This is really ticking me off because 1) it is the SAME toenail that I bruised in January's marathon... and it JUST finished growing back after having fallen off...and 2) this means that I have a good chance of being toe-nail-less for the big day on Oct 10... which will probably hurt or bleed or something. "So what?" my non-running husband says. hmm.