Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good bye, Bike!

My bike, it is gone.  It is not here with me.  I said good bye to it this morning, stripped it of its bento box, seat bag, and computer, and gave it up.

Let's not freak out right now.

One of the bonuses is that TNT will ship our bikes for us so that we don't need to worry about them.  I planned to drive my bike on my racks, being a control freak.  But then I started thinking about parking garages.

I have roof racks.  Parking garages and roof racks don't work.

I decided to send my bike with all my teammates, the "easy" way, on the truck.

Here it goes!

As I got home, I found myself repacking my bags and I found a little valve cover, and thought, "Oh, I should see if my bike needs one."  I came down and had palpitations because my bike wasn't there.

It is on a truck, going down South.  I hope it is making friends, getting to know the other bikes, sharing, and getting its tight spots massaged.

This also means that it's all really happening.

Good Lord.  Time to go repack my transition bag again.  The nerves started already.  At least I get to make a check list.

In other news, my family did a big, cool thing.  My paternal grandfather and maternal great-grandmother both died of lymphoma.  My family decided to sponsor me to the tune of a "corporate donation" which is $1,000 which goes to fight blood cancers.  Lymphoma, meet the Bagioni family, and then some.  You had no idea what you got yourself into when you decided to take us on.  (Imagine more than 20 Italians and Portuguese people cracking their knuckles.  Yeah, we're like that.)

PS- yes, we did just publish the family name (hey, family, let me know if it freaks you out,                   and I'll do some photoshop blurring for you).  

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Jennifer BB said...

How did it go??? We eagerly await your race report. I hope you had a great race!