Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Wetsuit

My coach has the picture trapped on his camera, until his nephew can teach him how it works.  So I had a teammate take a cellphone picture this morning.

We swam in the ocean (well, the Sound) in Fairfield.  It's a really lovely beach.  The only drawback is it's over an hour from home... meaning a 430AM wake up call for me!  YOWCH!  At least... as we waded in to the water just after 6, the sun dawned a brilliant red, rising out of the cloud bank.  It was rather... majestic.  Maybe those crazy dawn people had something right... Oooo, next time we go camping... I'll leave the rainfly off!  THAT sounds like a good way to welcome a nice clear dawn.  (Warm, dry, and comfy, from one's own sleeping bag!)

The sky starts to lighten as I get around the Waterbury area, and the iPod sings me songs.  I'm still working on the morning eating thing.  I've never been a good morning eater- partly because I tend to feel queasy in the morning.  It's just how I've always been.  So I had the bright idea to try some Alka-Selzter today.  It seemed to help on the morning upset stomach, and I was able to eat my half-PB sandwich.  Unfortunately, the good vibes didn't last.  The morning queasiness returned with a vegeance halfway through the swim.

One teammate suggested that I might be mildly claustrophobic.  Odd, since I always associated claustrophobia with enclosed spaces like elevators, but apparently, she was listening to the way I describe the wetsuit and how hard it is to breathe in it for a few minutes and how I needed to stop to pull at the neck and fill it up a little with extra water... apparently, wetsuit claustrophobia is a known triathlete issue, and why some people freak out in the water.  Hence, it is very important to practice in your suit well before the event.  Today, we had a current, an incoming tide, and waves.  We swam against the current on the way back, and there was certainly a few times I considered swimming for shore half-way through.  At one buoy I treaded water and promised my worldly goods, my non-existent firstborn, and a pony to anyone who would let me have a bike ride instead.

But my teammate egged me on with her infectious energy and I made it all the way to the end.

Getting out of the water is tough when you are feeling queasy, short of breath, and mildly heart-burny (apparently, all symptoms of not eating enough for a hard workout OR of claustrophia.  I would also suggest tri-phobia).  The wetsuit is VERY heavy, and the water inside it is warmer than the water outside it and the air.  As the water runs out of the suit, it makes you feel like you are peeing your pants.  Very uncomfortable for this modest girl!  (The Vagabond assures her followers that she will NOT be peeing in her wetsuit.)

Here's the long awaited picture, come to set my donors free.  You have given my cause money, here's the picture for all to see!  (OK, sorry, I had a church geek moment there.  Bonus points for anyone who can identify the earworm I have right now!)
Post-swim.  I'm not sure if I really look all that thrilled, but that's the most I can muster after today's grueling water workout!

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Tom Sramek, Jr. said...

No fair, you're back-lit. Can't hardly see the wetsuit! :-)