Monday, August 23, 2010

Run and Swim and Baking Bread

Today is the start of our last week of intense training before our two week taper starts.  It's a little odd, because I have the Mad River Century coming up at the end of the week.  I have decided I will certainly go.  I intend to ride at least the first fifty miles, or past the point where this happened.  If the weather is cool and the Clif Bars are yummy, I might do the full hundred and finally get a century under the belt of my poor road bike.  It's not fair that its hybrid brethren has thus far had all the century fun in this house.

So I'm training hard while wondering if I should be taking it sort of easy for the weekend?

So I went out for a 25 minute run, in which I have no idea how far I went but I ran the whole time.  I've really worked hard on my running, and I think I came a long way.

I put these reflective speed laces on my shoes, called Yaks!.  The other triathletes weren't tying their shoes, so I figured it couldn't hurt.  In fact, it DOESN'T hurt- my left foot feels awesomely normal!  The shoe store guys say that people with a compressible foot like mine, we often find elastic laces more comfortable.  WOWSERS!

Then I did my swim workout.  I'm really getting used to the water position thing, so I can sense where I am in the water- like, all the way below, or floating on top.  I realize that I've been swimming in a slanted position.  I'm learning to correct my position to be lying flat in the water.  And guess what?  I go at exactly the same speed.  But it feels different-easier, somehow.

And then I came home to where my nice bread was baking.  I bake 99% of my bread, and I usually make a quick loaf.  But today I decided to make M something special and I made him EGG BREAD.

Oh.  My.   Entire.   Holy.   Family.    It is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! Warm and chewy with a nice crisp crust and a soft substantial inside.  It's exactly like a loaf at the bakery- only a little better- a little fresher, a little more tender, a little bit more amazing.

I ate three slices already.  I was making sure they weren't poisoned!

And then I came here to blog for you, my faithful readers.  So I can't eat the whole thing before M comes home.  Oh, wow.  Oh, holy wow.  Mmmmmm-mm!

Next time, I should raffle off a loaf of bread for donors!


Sarah said...

You need to quit writing about all of your culinary abilities. I already look bad enough and Ben has access to this blog.

I can give you the finer points of casual restaurants and pick up windows...both of which are about to make me yak. What comes out of our kitchen is limited when every step is taken with crutches. It must have ability to be prepared in less than 2 minutes and put in a bag as to be carried in the same hand as a functioning crutch. D*mn you busted knee!

You are making me look bad! :)

The Vagabond Priest said...

When I've been in a pinch, I go for Amy's- the frozen stuff. There is no shame in the microwave. I was really stubborn when I broke my hand and I thought I'd try and cook to see how it went...

Three hours later, I was just sitting down with my dinner. I didn't cook again till I had the cast off.

Instead, we went to the market and got every pre-packaged easy-eat thing they had. And we ate a lot of take out.