Thursday, August 26, 2010

Road ID Winner!

The Winner has accepted her prize!

Granted, it took a while.  I wonder why- right after she was selected, I sent her the following text: "CONGRATULATIONS!! guess what?  You are the winner of the giveaway and you have won a $25 gift card from road ID.  Do you want to accept the prize??  yay Emera!"

Yes, the grammar really was that bad.  Can't imagine why she thought I'd been hacked and she'd been spammed.

Anyway, Emera is an old friend from college who is also a walking, running, danger girl, so she's an excellent winner for the contest.  I'm fairly certain she's done more dangerous things than me so far, so I have some catching up to do.  Congrats, Emera!  I'll have the card in the mail most likely tomorrow, as today is a long, long shift.

The winner was selected using the button on  I had been keeping a chart of all my donors, and I assigned you each numbers based on the amounts of your donations.   You each had a certain number of chances based on amount and time you had donated, so you each had a series of numbers assigned to you.

I plugged in the number range and hit GENERATE, and BINGO:


#26 was the first number of Emera's range!

I also did all this after swimming a 50 second lap (wowsers!  My coach reminded me this morning that my first laps had been 60 seconds!) in the last leg of my mini-gym tri (I biked, I ran, I swam, and I totally medaled in my age group in hot-tub stretching.)

Next thing- I may or may not make the open water workout tonight due to work, but tomorrow I'm OFF, OFF, OFF, and we are driving to VT for the Mad River Century!  Beautiful drive!  I can't wait!

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