Sunday, August 22, 2010

MADE GOAL!!!!!!!!!!


I don't know if I can even express in words how I feel at the moment (except a little nervous for the upcoming tri?) since all day long I was on tenterhooks watching the push of donations come in, from people I know and from people I don't even know at all!  I am so humbled that so many people are so touched by this cause that they will support this crazy priest and her friends.

Sarah is beyond thrilled- she called me and was laughing like crazy, and I suspect she was crying a little too.  She's calling everyone now, and when Ben gets home from church in a few minutes, will she ever have news for him!  (She is going to be my personal inspirational speaker the night before the race, meaning that as we eat dinner with our group, she will say something inspiring.)

I can't believe we did it!  THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!

And the cool thing?  you can still donate!  There are still paper checks waiting to be tallied, so we have already exceeded our goal, and the giveaway goes through this week!

Human people rock!

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