Thursday, August 5, 2010

In Praise of Shot Bloks

Oh, Shot Bloks, you 33 calories of caffeine and sugar.
Oh, you Shot Bloks, who do not upset my tummy and make me want to yak.
For yakking at 530AM on a ride is somewhat anti-social.
You make my tummy happy, and my burden light.

Shot Bloks, you are the first energy food that I love, after Clif Bars and maybe some types of Luna Bars.
But definitely not Gu.
Gu makes me especially yak prone, especially on the swim leg.
And I'm pretty sure that's a biohazard.

Shot Bloks, you come in tasty flavors, like a Gummy Bear.
And you fit so nicely in my bike's bento box,
Where I stash my snacks so I can eat and ride.
O, why have I not become uber-skinny this summer?  (It can't have been the cake...)

Shot Bloks, you and I shall live in joy and unity
All the days that my bike has functional gears on it.
And we shall dwell in the house of the Lord Forever.
For if heaven lacks Shot Bloks, then God doesn't ride bikes.

And I'm moving to the heaven with bike paths.


My nifty bento box (not the brand name one).  In it I have a Clif Bar, my previous food of choice and still my go-to option for endurance events.  The plastic tubes are the Ode'ed Shot Bloks, which might just be a miracle.  And the small silver thing in front is a Clif Shot.  Sorry Clif, but I just can't do gels.  


Sarah said...

As always you totally have me laughing. I love this post.

Ben said...

Yeah she was really cracking up about it, no doubt ;-).