Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Give Away.... goes on!

The Winner of the Give Away has been contacted.  If the Winner accepts the prize, you will be informed shortly as to who the winner is.

Of course, the cliche is "we are ALL winners when we fight cancer together!"  but really, folks:  after a tough week for Sarah and Ben, all of you who helped me make my fundraising goal really helped lift their spirits.  And you gave me extra motivation, too.  I haven't missed a workout since making the goal!

In fact, today, it was already getting dark when I got home from work, so I dragged M out to the gym.  And I designed my own Mini-Tri.  That is, I biked on a video game exercise bike for 15 minutes, then I ran for 15 minutes on a treadmill with a 3.5% incline, and then I swam.

The swimming was a little tough- there were two guys who were working hard in two lanes, and then two girls who were chatting and chatting in the middle lane, and strolling back and forth.  (Uh, water walking?)  They were very nice, but they didn't get- AT ALL- the whole concept of "Hey, do you mind if I work in on your lane?"  So I swam most of my work out in the short and shallow lane.  But they finally got out and I decided to swim a few hard laps to see how I was doing.

Fastest lap ever!  I swam a lap at 50 seconds flat!  My before-training time was around 58 seconds, and super-fast was 55 seconds.  So 50 seconds is a huge improvement!  WHOO HOO!

Results pending for giveaway... stay tuned!  

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