Monday, August 16, 2010

6.86 Mile Giveaway!

I'm lucky to have pretty neat brothers-in-law- one's idea of a Thanksgiving tradition is to stick a crate full of raw oysters on his back deck with a crate of beer and let us just have at it, and another who's even MORE bike-crazy than I am.
It's so nice to be the moderate one in the family.  (Meaning I only sucked down, like 12 oysters and a long ride for me is 62 miles instead of 70.)  So I informed the biker brother-in-law that it was threatening to rain and that my intention for today was to sit at home and play with bike parts.  
Instead, I decided to do the long run that I skipped yesterday.  6.86 miles.  Longest. Run. Ever.  
D*mn Puritan work ethic. M even came running himself- meeting me near the end.  Oddly, while the first few miles are agony, and while I have some nagging left big toe issues, by the end of the run, the pain sort of wore off.  I think that means I ran through the pain and my body is going into shock.  
Which is a great segue into the AWESOME GIVE-AWAY I'm doing!!  I'm a whiny runner.  I was not literally at the point of collapse.  I've been hypothermic and injured and bonked and near-collapse and in heat sickness before, so I know how real trouble honestly feels.  I was nowhere near being in trouble today.  But what if I had been?  
Enter Road ID.  
On the left, you can see our Road IDs.  Yes, of course, they are blurry enough so you can't read my info off the internet!  And on the right, you see the AWESOME GIFT CARD that ROAD ID is GIVING AWAY!  (And in the background, that's my favorite honeymoon picture, from Tenaya Lake in Yosemite.
Because what's an adventure without an awesome ending?) 

The FABULOUS folks at Road ID are helping out in the fight against cancer.  They are regular sponsors of TNT, and to help me out, have offered a $25 gift card, which I am going to make available to my sponsors.

Mine's an interactive (because of the cochlear, I can't have MRI, and I figured it's a good idea to be able to explain all the cochlear things in detail).  It means that I have an online profile that gives my medical information, including the cochlear contraindictions, and extra contact info.  Less complicated people can get a regular ID.  Mine is TNT purple!  M's is manly black.

All individuals who have sponsored me already will get one chance for every $10.  Everyone who sponsors me from here on out- for every $5, I will give you another chance!

The drawing will take place on August 25, on which date I will place everyone's name in a big bowl and draw out one lucky winner for the Road ID gift card!

Not only is it awesome, but you won't even have to endure the foot pain.  And you may win a really cool item by a really sweet small company, help save the economy with small business, and potentially save your life while helping me fund research to save other people's lives.  The karma is through the roof on this one!   

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