Friday, July 16, 2010

A Wetsuit!

I now own a wetsuit.  Included in the fundraising (and part of the reason why tris have such a high minimum) is the wetsuit.  They give us a wetsuit because they are training many tri newbies, most of whom know nothing about how to buy or try on or use wetsuits.  Nor do we know anything about water temperature.  In my mind, (with one exception), all water is cold, cold, cold.  I've always walked to the gym, even now, in the heatwave; and even now, I lower myself into the 84 degree water one frigid inch at a time, squeaking "OO-ee, OO-ee, OO-ee!"  I don't do cold well.

The thought of the Potomac- miles and miles of frigid water that has direct commerce with the ocean- filled me with dread.  Yes, I was thrilled with the wetsuit.

And I now know why the swim comes first in a triathlon.  It has nothing to do with the swim being hard or anything like that.  It has everything to do with the fact that it will take me an hour to get INTO my wetsuit, and if we did the swim second, you'd have all these athletes flopping around trying desperately to smoosh themselves into an insulated sausage casing.

As I pulled it out of its wrapping, I was convinced they'd sent me the wrong one.  Unstretched, it's about the size of a 5-year-old child.  But I'm a woman, people.  I can cover a 12 hour day in a trauma 1 hospital in heels and a skirt.  I can handle a tight suit.

Ten minutes later, I was still hopping around, massaging body parts and doing deep squats while groaning and saying things like, "Oh, this is harder than it looks" in a language pronounced like this:  "AAAAAAooooooooggggguuuuhhhhhheeeeeeeeee!"

Finally, I had it all on and pulled up the zipper. I took an experimental walk.  It practically straightens your legs for you.  I feel buoyant already!  Of course, that could be beginning heatstroke because that thing is HOT!  I started sweating in seconds.  

Ill let you know how it goes when I finally get out in open water.

PS- the only water I consider NOT cold:  hot tubs, for one, like the nice waterfall whirlpool at the gym.  And my shower, which I usually have turned up to a nice balmy temperature I like to call "Lobster Pot". I'm sure my soul is doomed, right?

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Sarah said...

Hints: the suit gets looser when you get into the water AND peeing in your wetsuit (while in the water) really warms things up. This is not a secret. It was a hint I got when I first owned one. Yes, I have tried it and yes it works. :)