Friday, July 9, 2010


Today I jumped in the pool for the second time since the surgery.  I feel lots and lots better, though every now and then I feel a twinge here or there.  I especially notice my tight hamstrings and think I need to start doing ballet stretches like I used to do when I lived in Arlington.  I tighten up easily, so I used to stretch for as much as 15 minutes before and after bike sessions and general workouts.  (Not to mention taking an awesome yoga class!)  Hmmmmm.... if it worked in the past, I should probably start it again!  Is there any way I have time to add yoga to this regimen...?

Anyway, I decided I'd swim as long as I could, or for 35 minutes or for the full workout.   Whichever wore me out first. The assigned distance was 1750 meters.  This was 35 pool laps.  The pool laps are 50 meters each.

As I started swimming, I concentrated on technique and breathing, and found that I was actually doing really well with having enough air.  Unlike a few months ago, I could actually feel like I was moving along without worrying about when to breath.  I had air to spare.  I like that feeling.

I also noticed that my hips seem to be getting into the game- I started to feel some knee pressure, so I stretched my legs a little longer, and suddenly, my whole leg started making a kick motion that was all dolphin like, and I started shooting through the water.  Holy dolphin, Batman!  I think I am getting the idea.

I swam a solid 35 laps, in 45 minutes.  Then I dragged myself out of the water and slogged around like a sloth for a few minutes wondering if I'd ever be able to get on a bike or move again.  I tried to imagine myself a sandwich.  I didn't even want a sandwich.  Sandwiches are holy food to me. This was disturbing...  Thankfully, that feeling passed quickly.  I think if I hydrate and eat a little right after the swim, I'll be fine on the bike.

Of course, I remained worried about the whole distance.  How much further did I have to train for?  How much time would I have?  How far away was I from the goal distance?  I pulled out a converter and employed my math-genius hubby, M, to help.

The Olympic tri swim distance is 1.5 km, or just under a mile.  We have 1.5 hours to complete the swim.

Today I swam... just under a mile in 45 minutes.

Watch out, DC.  This just might be possible after all!!

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benh said...

That is really amazing that you're swimming so well so quickly. The only thing I do well in swimming is floating. I think I have that down.