Friday, July 2, 2010

Running is Trying to Kill Me. Again.

Just when I was trying to make my peace with running... it tried to kill me again this morning.  I did 3.5 miles of forward movement, but there was much groaning and gnashing of teeth.

I want to know who in the h*ll thought running was a good part of a triathlon.  Couldn't we have done, you know, swimming, biking, and maybe eating donuts?  Or swimming, biking, and horseback riding?  Or swimming, road biking, and mountain biking?  Or swimming, biking, and roller skating?  All of these, if you don't notice, include substantial built in easy periods.

Running requires constant activity, even on the downhill.  Unlike my beloved bike, there is no tuck and fly in a run- you are moving your own chub tush all the way.  Unlike swimming, the water does not swirl around you and make you feel cool and calm.  Horseback riding gives you an instant buddy.  Roller skating allows periods of coasting.

Running puts the most strenuous activity at the end of the race.  And I therefore believe that the inventor of the triathlon obviously loved punishment, and he wants humanity to cry aloud with weeping.

20 miles on a bike tomorrow.  Now that's what I call rest.


Tom Sramek, Jr. said...

Didn't Jim Fixx (author of "The Complete Book of Running" die of a heart attack at 52? Wikipedia doesn't lie....

Sarah Horrocks said...

I don't like running. I have never enjoyed running. Look at I LOOK like someone who have ever said "Ooh, running! Sounds like fun!" No ma'am. I feel your pain.

You have inspired me my dear, when this whole knee thing gets better I am going to learn the whole road bike thing (we own trail bikes now) and try my hand (or feet and legs and tush and the rest of me) at a century. Then, you can use your bike obsession to challenge me.

Sarah Horrocks said...

I meant HAS ever said.