Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How Today Went

Well, it was an interesting day.  I woke up at 6AM, stepped out, and thought I'd pass out from the humidity.  I decided I'd do an indoor, A/C workout.  Then I realized I had a killer craving for carbs, but had no bread in the house, and am too cheap to get a bagel more than about once or twice a month.  So I made an egg, and told myself I was fine.

I packed a fabulous delicious salad for lunch (with some Star Wars cookies for dessert.  Those are awesome!), and when I got to the table where my colleagues were, they were all eating pizza!  So my craving intensified and I began to have woozy dreams of pizza.

Then my friend C in Arkansas drops me a line and mentions how he wishes he and his wife and me and my hubby could all get together to catch up at a Fuddruckers.  This was his and my favorite burger joint in Seminary, and suddenly I desperately wanted a shroom burger on a Fuddruckers roll.

Then my coach writes us all emails and says, essentially, "All right, you wimps, put on your sport shorts with the built-in big girl panties, stop whining, and go out in the humidity, it will make you STRONG!"  Okay, he's actually a very nice, gentle, understanding coach, but he did tell us to go outside.

So I went outside!  But  not before I called M and begged him to meet me at Whole Foods so I could get pizza, which I did.  Mushroom and gorgonzola.  Aren't you happy you don't have to sleep with me tonight? Mmmm... stinky cheese!  And then I went home, changed, and went outside.

And guess what?  I ran the WHOLE RUN without stopping once!  I started with my usual trick: "I'll run to that fire hydrant, and walk to the next telephone pole", but I decided I'd drop the walking bits, and I could actually do it!  I ran the whole run!  Whoo hoo!

And then I came home, cooked the garbanzo beans (M is making me hummus and getting me Gatorade. I'm feeling very loved), and made a fabulous quinoa salad with seaweed in it.  If it's really as good as I think it is, I'll post the recipe.

So I ran in the Horrible HeatWave and I did not die.  I hope this will do well by me as the temps drop, or at least, save me a bit if DC is hot in September.

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