Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brick Soup

It's official: enough of you have donated so I have to post wetsuit pictures.  My coach has them, so give me a day to get them from him.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

The ominous weather report of high humidity and high temperatures started mid-week.  We knew it would be muggy.  As I drove out to our starting point today, I realized I hadn't truly considered how muggy it would really be.  It was downright foggy.  By 7AM (our start), the fog had lifted.  Barely.  You could still see the sun slanting down through the trees.

The Timberman crowd and my group started out at the same time.  The Timberman is a half-Ironman.  Craaaazzzzzy people!  (Except they get to do longer bike rides...)

By mile 5, I could see that the fog was staying stubbornly stuck over the water.  I am not a sweaty type of person, and even I was starting to droop a bit.  The first part of the ride was pretty much constantly uphill.

But you don't ride bikes for uphills.  You ride bikes for what happened next: my group turned around, and started back.  And then it was mostly downhill.  And that's why you ride bikes.

My fastest speed was 36.5, in a tuck, on a downhill.  At that speed, you just give up your control, and let yourself fly.  Gravity isn't that important.

36.5 mph makes it worth it to do the run.

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