Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back to Training, and Lucky to Have a Good Coworker!

So I got back to training yesterday, and let me tell you, it's not easy to have your ab muscles sliced open in the middle of a training program!  I actually- for the first time EVER on a Trek and for the first time since I had my old heavy restored clunker in Seminary 7 years ago- had to get off on a little hill and push to the top.  I hadn't geared down enough for my weakened state, and didn't have the muscle reserve to push through.  Oh the shame!! the shame!!

My coach tells me to take it slow this week as I build back.  The running was pretty tough and was awfully jolting to my sore abs.  But I didn't stop the whole mile!  I'll count that as a win.

The part where things got awkward was me heading to work.  I got dressed, checked myself out in the mirror, and decided I was okay.  I had a feeling like I'd have to start being careful.  You see, between the surgery, watching my nutrition, and working out every day, I've started losing both weight and inches.

This became embarrassingly obvious when my marvelous and excellent co-worker, the Social Worker, comes up to me in the ED and says "I can see your belly!"

That's right- my heretofore favorite pants were making a run for it and attempting to fall off.  They used to cover my poochy belly, I SWEAR, but yesterday I noticed they are distinctly loose and do not have belt loops.

Awkward: (adj.) When the chaplain's pants fall off at work.  Oops.

The Social Worker will be glad to know I excused myself to the gift store, bought safety pins, and pinned my shirt to my underwear to keep my middle under wraps.  I spent the rest of the day in prayer, pulling up my trousers at regular intervals and swearing I would find a tailor.

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