Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today, after I did the morning workout, I walked into the bedroom and whispered into my sleepy husband's ear: "I did an aqua bike today.  The gym worker got really mad when I rolled into the deep end."  He muttered, "mmgorf?" from the depths of his pillow, and squinted into the morning light.  "You did what?"

I love whispering crazy things to M in the morning.

An aqua bike is like a brick, except that instead of biking and running, you swim and bike.  The point is to get yourself used to transitioning between the two sports, and to learn to change your gear in a decently swift manner.

For example, today, I rode to the gym, and decided to wear my swimsuit under my bike stuff.  Since the gym rules require swim suits, I can't exactly try out my tri suit in the pool.  I did the swim workout, hauled myself out of the water, and jogged to the locker room.

Where I became very glad that I will be wearing a tri suit.  Let's just say that pulling spandex shorts on over a wet body doesn't work well, at all.  The spandex gets stuck, and you drip chlorinated water into your eyes as you attempt to massage the gripper part of the leg onto the right part of your developing quads.  And have I mentioned it's 7AM as you are doing all this?  All the other women were primping for work, blow drying their hair and doing their makeup, and I was hopping around like a possessed frog, dripping everywhere.

I realized I will not be able to wear my swim cap under my helmet.  I thought it would help corral my hair, but I can't get my cochlear to seat with the swim cap on.  So I'll have to bring a baseball cap for the run, because my hair will be terrifying by then.

It's all vanity.

I also realized, as I put on my bike shoes, that the time had finally come for me to upgrade my shoes.  You see, as much as I love my bike, I love my frugality as well.  I've never- NEVER- bought anything full price for my bike.  I've been watching for a good shoe sale for a long time, thinking that maybe someday- when the price was right- I'd upgrade my shoes.

Sadly, every time a shoe went on sale, it didn't fit.  I have great swimming feet- they are shaped like flippers with a narrow heel and a big floppy spread of toes.  I also have an extra bone on top.  I have a very, very difficult foot to fit.

So I took a few hours' personal time, and went to the bike shop.  I had to get my rear brake looked at, and I took the opportunity to talk shoes.

And I bought the first ever thing I have ever bought for my bike... that was not on sale.  (It was still a good price, just not on sale.)

Somewhere in there, I might have crossed the line from "fun hobby" into "obsession".

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Sarah said...

Swim cap + run = no ventilation and heat release. Not good. Wear the hat. I even have a new one from REI that is all light weight and airy and such if you would like. I ordered it (on sale - REI outlet) but my head is too big. Don't tell Ben, he makes fun of me regularly about the size of my head. Let me know if you want it.