Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things That Only Happen if You Live With A Priest

Pretty early on, you learn that when exegeting a passage, you will learn much more about the passage than you will use in the sermon itself.  Sometimes, it feels like I put 90% of my research on the back burner.  And granted, that's appropriate, if you have 12-15 minutes to preach on a passage and want to preach something clear and coherent.

Today, we got home, and I noticed M fiddling with my iPhone.  I peeped over his shoulder and found him checking out Olive Tree, my bible reader.

"What version did you use today?"

This started me off on why I have something like 7 versions of the Bible on my iPhone in addition to the EpiscoCalendar and the Lectionary and how the Episcopal church prefers the NRSV but I don't have that one on my Olive Tree yet, and the RSV is close but not quite the same because the translation is a little outdated and probably a bit more patriarchal so we switched to a more updated version to be a bit broader in our theology and did he want to know the history of that and, oh, but I do have the NRSV upstairs in the bookshelf in my New Oxford Annotated Bible Behemoth and....

Somewhere in there, M had gone upstairs.  Soon, he returns.

"So," say I, "What was the question?"

"There is no question," he replies.

"Oooo!  Ask me! Ask me!  I know the answer!"  I believe by this point I was waving my hand in the air.

"But there's no question."

"Yet!  But something must have perplexed you.  You were looking it up."

"I was just wondering about the last line in the reading."

"Ooooo!  How come?  I know the answer!  Ask me! Ask me!"

"I'm going for a run and then to the gym."

"Okay, but when you come home, I know the answer!!"

Siiiiiiiigh.  I haven't yet quite learned to file the info for future reference, have I?

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