Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting Ready to Run (later)

So today is my running day.  My coach confirms that since I'm a strong biker, it's more okay to miss a day of biking than a day of running.  I missed yesterday's swim due to lightning and the pool closing due to panic.  Today I have to go to work an hour early for a staff retreat with a picnic, but I get home early, which is nice.  Gives me time to try running.  I think I will have a snack when I get home, and THEN run, and maybe avoid the torture I went through on Sunday.

I have a bunch of people who have said they'd like to donate, so I'm just seeing how easy it is for them to actually donate to my page.  My link is over to the RIGHT, but leave me comments or email if it is not working.  Apparently, a whole bunch of you have fought and beat various forms of cancer, so you are raring to help others have hope to defeat theirs.  Personally, I'm sad for my friend Ben, who told us recently that he can't be cured right now.  He can only go from remission to remission.  That's as far as today's technology has gotten us.  Maybe the next few rounds of research will get us all the way to the cure?


Pastor Peters said...

Thank you for your energy in literally moving toward a cure. My mom died of breast cancer and my step mom was just diagnosed with the disease last week. Might I suggest a Save the Tatas tshirt for your race?

The Vagabond Priest said...

I love the Save the Tatas shirts! I get a nifty Team in Training uniform, but Save the Tatas is a great training shirt, no?