Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Exciting Life of Triathlete Training

Today, I decided I would go to the gym- come hell or high water- and get my workouts in.

I came home after a day involving many pages and the sort of situations you'd expect a trauma chaplain to be up to her knees in.  Yes, the sort of day that makes me want a stiff drink and a comfy couch.  And a kitty.  Let's just say that right now I am very sick and tired of death and withdrawals of life support.  I might take my friend's advice to have "DNR" tattooed across my chest... I hate days like this.  Multiple death days make me want to go do arts and crafts with preschoolers, and end the day reading the Ramona Quimby books to a kindergartner.  In lieu of arts, crafts, or Ramona, I persevered.  I dragged my beloved away from his desk (where he'd been staring at a screen all day, with closed windows.  What he has against natural light is beyond me...) and took him, too.  It was off to the gym with us.

I started strong on the treadmill, with a two minute warm up, and then 2 minute run, 1 minute walk, 3 minute run, 1 minute walk... (are we seeing a pattern, here?)  Unfortunately, by 1.5 miles in, I was about to die of boredom and the cool treadmill with the bouncy track only had the very limited TV that showed just the Vampire Diaries and teenypop music videos.  Before my brain started to bleed from inanity, I gave it up for the pool.  I do, however, maintain that my running is getting marginally better.  I might have progressed from "I'm gonna die, WHEEZE HACK PANT PANT I'm gonna die" to "I'm gonna die, breath-breath, I'm gonna die".  Progress, maybe?

I did really well, I think- I am working hard on technique, working on my breathing, reducing the amount of water I inhale, getting the whole paddling thing down, using my arms to twist my body, floating very well and kicking strong and WHY ARE THE LIGHTS FLASHING???

My first thought was that there was a thunderstorm and they wanted us all out of the water.  But a glance around proved that it was actually the fire alarm.  7 laps into my 15, and we got kicked out of the gym for some fire something somewhere.  We never did find out what it was, but the whole building got evacuated.

Naturally, the nice gym employee was directing us out the main door, and naturally, I ran in the other direction.  My cochlear processor was in my locker.  I didn't want to get stuck outside without my cochlear processor.  Yes, M did point out that I could have run into an inferno, but I think that any lady my age would agree that the benefits of getting to grab one's shorts and a shirt (in addition to the afore-mentioned cochlear processor) are worth it when faced with the prospect of standing outside in your bathing suit for all of fashionable We-Ha to see.

I walked home with my wet swim suit soaking through my clothes, and credited myself with half a work.  We'll try again tomorrow...

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Audrey said...

is there some sort of theological message in moving from a day spent dealing with death... to a plunge into the waters ( of new life?) It's a good metaphor... until the part where you get dragged out by the alarm!
I did lol when I imagined you fighting against the crowd... not for the ear-thing (I can't spell 'cochlear' can I?) but in order to grab clothing to put over your suit... ha.
Love this blog. Keep it coming.