Monday, June 7, 2010

Clopping Along

In Team in Training, we get to have an "honored teammate".  This is a nice person who is currently fighting cancer in whose honor we are doing this.  My teammate is my friend Ben, with whom I did my CPE residency a few years ago.  So today, his wife posts on his CaringBridge page that he just finished chemo #4.  Now I would betcha that if I had just finished chemo #4, I'd be curled up in a pile of misery begging for ginger ale, a couch, and a kitty to cuddle.  Oh, and probably whining.

Not Ben.  I think he's actually making a thumbs-up in the picture.

Which means I really have to get my butt out and do a nice run because Ben is way tougher than I am.  So I have fueled with a brownie (and I'll eat an apple and some cheese, too, so I don't feel totally evil) and I am going out to run three miles.  Or 35 minutes.  Whatever comes first.  Because at the end of the day, I'll feel really awful if a bald dude is doing his part of this while I sit around and whine for a sandwich.

In other news, I'm very proud of myself because I just put the rear wheel back on my hybrid.  I think it's time to take out stock in a bike tube company, for this will be the Year of the Flat.  I mastered the taking the wheel OFF part years ago, but always got flummoxed with the putting back ON.  Today, I have put a wheel back ON the rear of my bike, and the chain works.  I feel like a rock star, baby!

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Anonymous said...

Betsy, believe me I'm not tougher than you, I'm just doing the next thing I have to do. Whereas you took on this challenge willingly and it definitely gives me strength and puts a smile on my face. We really look forward to seeing you and Martin in September.