Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bike Candy!! The Farmington Greenway Trail

I got out of a night shift (a once-monthly affair now, instead of two to three a week), and decided to defy yesterday's predictions of thunder and doom in favor of going to the Trails in Motion event.  Am I ever glad I did!

In two and a half (or so) hours of riding, I hung around with a lot of nice people on a variety of bikes and we road around on the Farmington Valley Greenway.  This is a sweet little trail - still under construction - that connects several towns.  Occasionally, it crosses a road, but for the most part it's a fairly level, fast, easy ride.  I didn't do the entire metric century because it left before I even got off work, but I did do the 30 miler.

It had rained a little bit, but the Greenway is in the trees, so between a slightly overcast day and the bit of wet, the weather was completely bearable.  The wet road made for a gritty ride, but I've never minded a bit of road spray hitting me.  It's like bike air conditioning.

I loved the rest stops- they were well spaced, though I only needed to stop at one.  When there are giant containers of Gatorade power, you know you are well set. I had to fight the urge to steal a few Clif bars at each stop, though.  I only ate one.  I only needed one.  But man, did I want to stop and get two at each stop and squirrel them away in my jersey and seat pouch like a squirrel.  Say it with me, people: "Buy your own d*mn Clif bars, cheapskate!" It's basic courtesy to not imitate squirrels while on a group ride.

Among the interesting people I saw:  two guys on speedskates.  They were completely awesome.  They would blow by me like I was standing still.  I had no idea a human being could move at those speeds under his own power.  I also met a lady who had "my" hybrid who was considering upgrading to a road bike.  We had the "I LOVE THAT BIKE" conversation.  I also had a nice chat with the Benidorm mechanics who checked my rear wheel chatter.  (It's still got a low spot, so it's back to the bike shop and this time I think I'll ask for a replacement wheel.  That low spot has been bothering me for a year now.)

All in all, totally worth the price of admission.  Worth staying up after a night shift to do.  And absolutely worth its weight in Clif bars.  And for the record, I only have ONE that came home with me after the ride.  So my morals remain intact.

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