Monday, May 31, 2010

A Terrible Run

I went out for my required 3 mile run yesterday.  It was amongst the worst runs I've ever had.  Well, we'll call this one an "energetic shuffle with periods of walking".  I'm being generous.

M thinks that maybe I didn't fuel properly- I hadn't been too hungry so I didn't eat lunch, and it was after church, so I had my smoothie in the morning followed by a piece of angel food cake, a few pieces of cheese, and a piece of olive-oil-dipped bread.   And no lunch. This might have been the problem. I still didn't FEEL hungry, though.  And you shouldn't eat when you aren't hungry, right?  I'm so confused!

I could barely get going in the first place.  After I pushed myself to start the energetic shuffle that I call a run, I found I could sometimes maintain it for a song or two before slowing back into a walk.  By 15 minutes into the run, I found myself fantasizing about tempeh and how I would cook it when I got home.  The weirdest part is that I still DIDN'T FEEL HUNGRY... I just wanted that tempeh and some nice veggies with the single-minded desire of a labrador in pursuit of bacon.

I got home throughly depressed at my uber lack of athletic prowess or capability.  Next time, maybe.

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